Thankful Thursday: I’m Feeling Grateful!

The Facebook group that I help moderate, Medical Musings with Friends, runs a weekly thread called ‘Thankful Thursdays’. The wonderful lady who started the forum, Sam, encourages members to reflect on the things that we are thankful for each week. It’s an excellent exercise in gratefulness. I’ve written before about being thankful, however I wanted… Continue reading Thankful Thursday: I’m Feeling Grateful!

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“I Was Born”: Disability, Purpose, & Hanson

*Content Warning: discussion of miscarriage and difficult pregnancy/labour* My favourite band since I was a kid, is Hanson. They’ve continued to make music all these years, and I’ve continued to enjoy them! I love not just their fun tunes, or their soulful melodies, but the often meaningful lyrics behind them. For example, their breakthrough hit… Continue reading “I Was Born”: Disability, Purpose, & Hanson

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A New Car Equals New Freedom!

Several months ago, my husband decided to put his provisional license to use (the one he’d had since he was a teenager) and start driving lessons. He grew up on the outer edge of London, and didn’t particularly need to drive to get around. When he started working, his job was easily accessible by train,… Continue reading A New Car Equals New Freedom!