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Guest Post! Carole’s Chronicles: by Carole

I’m on a blogging break, so I’m featuring some guest bloggers! They will be sharing their stories and experiences with chronic disease, and I’m excited to share them. Today, we have Carole, who blogs at . Not only is Carole a fantastic writer and advocate, but she is a kind soul who is a great… Continue reading Guest Post! Carole’s Chronicles: by Carole

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Managing Chronic Conditions is a Full Time Job!

Living with chronic disease can be challenging, and very time consuming. It often feels like a full time job just managing it. There are all sorts of aspects that need juggling to ensure that you are keeping on top of your chronic condition. They are important to ensure that you feel the best you can.… Continue reading Managing Chronic Conditions is a Full Time Job!

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“I Was Born”: Disability, Purpose, & Hanson

*Content Warning: discussion of miscarriage and difficult pregnancy/labour* My favourite band since I was a kid, is Hanson. They’ve continued to make music all these years, and I’ve continued to enjoy them! I love not just their fun tunes, or their soulful melodies, but the often meaningful lyrics behind them. For example, their breakthrough hit… Continue reading “I Was Born”: Disability, Purpose, & Hanson