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A Weekly Update- 01-07/05/17

This week, I thought I’d just drop in and do a little update on my week! I had two appointments this week, my pain management one, and a dentist appointment. I saw my pain doctor on Tuesday. I filled him in on how I’d been doing since my steroid epidural, and we decided that it made… Continue reading A Weekly Update- 01-07/05/17

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My Dodgy Tummy: Part 2

This post is a continuation of Part 1. If you’ve not read it, I suggest doing so before reading this post.  In January, 2016, I started getting what I thought was another gallbladder attack. After a few days of increasing pain, I was taken to the hospital by my in-laws. I was given antibiotics to take… Continue reading My Dodgy Tummy: Part 2