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Food, Drink, Pushy People, and Parties

Where I live, in the UK, this week, we’ve had beautiful, warm, and sunny weather. In fact, apparently in London on the 19th, it was the hottest April day in 69 years. Which means that summer is starting here, and soon spring and summer will start elsewhere in the northern hemisphere. Warm weather typically means… Continue reading Food, Drink, Pushy People, and Parties

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Rare Disease Day: February 28th

The 28th of February is Rare Disease Day. It’s a day designed to raise awareness of lesser known diseases and conditions. This is so important, not only so that the general public is just more aware of what our lives are like, living with our conditions, but so that we can fight for more funding… Continue reading Rare Disease Day: February 28th

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A Weekly Update- 17-23/09/17

This has been quite a busy week for me! I woke up Sunday night with a big migraine, so that meant I was out of commission on Monday. On Tuesday, I still felt miserable, but I had to somehow drag myself out of bed to shower so that I could attend my endocrinologist appointment. The… Continue reading A Weekly Update- 17-23/09/17

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A Pain in the Neck: Part 2

This post is a continuation of A Pain in the Neck: Part 1, if you’ve not read it, I suggest doing so before reading this post. One of the options my pain doctor and I have discussed is getting a neurostimulator device. It is an implant in your spine that sends signals to help block… Continue reading A Pain in the Neck: Part 2