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A New Car Equals New Freedom!

Several months ago, my husband decided to put his provisional license to use (the one he’d had since he was a teenager) and start driving lessons. He grew up on the outer edge of London, and didn’t particularly need to drive to get around. When he started working, his job was easily accessible by train,… Continue reading A New Car Equals New Freedom!

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A Pain in the Neck: Part 2

This post is a continuation of A Pain in the Neck: Part 1, if you’ve not read it, I suggest doing so before reading this post. One of the options my pain doctor and I have discussed is getting a neurostimulator device. It is an implant in your spine that sends signals to help block the pain… Continue reading A Pain in the Neck: Part 2

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Neurological Nightmare: Part 3

This post is a continuation from Parts 1 and 2. After leaving the hospital in November, I soon had an outpatient neurologist appointment in January as well as outpatient physiotherapy appointments to work on balance exercises. Physio mainly consisted of completing abdominal exercises, in the hopes that a strong core would help me keep my balance better. Between… Continue reading Neurological Nightmare: Part 3