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Anxiety and Meeting New Doctors

In the next month, I am meeting a new endocrinologist, a new neurologist, and a new physiotherapist. Meeting new doctors and health care workers can be a scary thing. It’s one thing that definitely makes me feel quite anxious and nervous. Part of that is the power dynamics between health care providers and patients. Doctors… Continue reading Anxiety and Meeting New Doctors

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Tips and Tricks for Coping with Gastroparesis

My last post talked about ways that I cope with chronic migraines¬†so this week, I thought I’d talk about some ways that I cope with my gastroparesis, in honour of Gastroparesis Awareness Month¬†. My gastroparesis makes me constantly nauseated and I vomit and regurgitate a lot. I also get stomach pain and severe bloating. For… Continue reading Tips and Tricks for Coping with Gastroparesis

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“I Was Born”: Disability, Purpose, & Hanson

*Content Warning: discussion of miscarriage and difficult pregnancy/labour* My favourite band since I was a kid, is Hanson. They’ve continued to make music all these years, and I’ve continued to enjoy them! I love not just their fun tunes, or their soulful melodies, but the often meaningful lyrics behind them. For example, their breakthrough hit… Continue reading “I Was Born”: Disability, Purpose, & Hanson

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Dealing with Unemployment

Just under three years ago, I left my teaching job. I left for a variety of reasons. It wasn’t that I didn’t love teaching. I loved teaching. I enjoyed chatting with my students, working with them, and seeing them bloom and grow. I absolutely loved that aspect of that job. What I didn’t love was… Continue reading Dealing with Unemployment