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Guest Post! Carole’s Chronicles: by Carole

I’m on a blogging break, so I’m featuring some guest bloggers! They will be sharing their stories and experiences with chronic disease, and I’m excited to share them. Today, we have Carole, who blogs at . Not only is Carole a fantastic writer and advocate, but she is a kind soul who is a great… Continue reading Guest Post! Carole’s Chronicles: by Carole

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Where is the rule book? — My Medical Musings

I’m going to continue to take a break from writing myself, however I’m going to keep my blog going by posting some guest posts!

Sam, over at My Medical Musings, has kindly told me I can share any of her posts, and I will have some other guest pieces coming up in the next few weeks. Look out for them, as they are some excellent writers that have some really great stories to share.


What are the rules for living with a rare bone disease? Where can I find that rule book? That’s the question my husband and I have been contemplating over recent weeks. I want to try and get out a bit more and when I suggested this great plan of mine, you should have seen the […]

via Where is the rule book? — My Medical Musings

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Rare Disease Day: February 28th

The 28th of February is Rare Disease Day. It’s a day designed to raise awareness of lesser known diseases and conditions. This is so important, not only so that the general public is just more aware of what our lives are like, living with our conditions, but so that we can fight for more funding… Continue reading Rare Disease Day: February 28th

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A Weekly Update- 17-23/09/17

This has been quite a busy week for me! I woke up Sunday night with a big migraine, so that meant I was out of commission on Monday. On Tuesday, I still felt miserable, but I had to somehow drag myself out of bed to shower so that I could attend my endocrinologist appointment. The… Continue reading A Weekly Update- 17-23/09/17