After struggling with bouts of illness on and off since birth, I was diagnosed with gastroparesis at 13, and again in my late 20s. I have also had migraines since infancy, and recently, at 29, have developed new ones that are causing lots of neurological issues.

Additionally, I have Klippel Feil and herniated cervical discs, with associated neuropathy, along with asthma, and I’ve recently been diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroid disorder (just to spice life up a bit!).

I’m a wife, former teacher, Christian, and have discovered a love of baking in the past few years. I’m a proud Canuck but I live in the land of rain and tea (England), which is good because I’m also a self professed tea aholic.

This site exisits so that I can share my experiences as a “spoonie” and raise awareness about life with chronic pain, illness, and disability.

 I love connecting to my readers, so please feel free to comment here, and follow me on Twitter (@yellow_erin). 😊