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Sasha: The Service Dog

I’m sorry it’s been so long since posting, but as you can imagine, moving overseas is a big job. Add in several chronic conditions, and it’s been a very difficult couple of months for me.

My husband and I are mostly settled in now though. We are living with my parents until we are able to sort out long term employment and housing.

I’m hoping to write out a more detailed post on the move, however, today I wanted to share some other exciting news!

For years, my husband and I have wanted to get a dog. We were unable to where we lived in the UK, and so we decided that when we moved into our own home here, we’d get a rescue.

Well, the opportunity to get the sweetest dog came earlier than expected! A friend of my Mom’s, who lives close by, was looking after a little chiweenie dog (a mix of a chihuahua and dachshund). She is a rescue, however the lady that had her was only looking after her temporarily, and could not keep her.

A chiweenie dog crouched down, playing with a toy in its mouth, and a hand playing tug of war with her.

We met the dog, and fell in love. She was perfect for us. She also gave me a huge sense of calm, which was so important.

A sweet, blonde chiweene dog sitting and looking at the camera.

So, we decided to take her, and we now own the world’s best chiweenie, Sasha! 🙂

Now, Sasha has become more than a pet. We’ve decided to start training her as a service dog for me.

We noticed Sasha performing certain tasks that were really useful, and after discussing things with a medical professional, they agreed that I qualify for a service animal. They thought that if Sasha was naturally doing service tasks already, and we wanted to see if she could qualify and be trained, then they’d support me.

A chiweenie dog sitting on a blanket on a couch, with a fireplace in the background. A patch beside the dog reads: service dog in training do not touch.

So, Sasha is now officially in training! I’m hopeful that it works out, as she has already been so helpful to me, and brought so much joy to my life.

You can follow Sasha’s adventures on Instagram!


6 thoughts on “Sasha: The Service Dog

  1. Congratulations on the new addition to your family. What kind of tasks does she carry out? I think sometimes dogs just know what will be helpful. When I was a child, our pet dog was walking along on the lead with me and she stopped because there was an obstacle that she could get under, but that would have hit me. She had no guide dog training, but she was really smart. I hope you will all have many happy years together.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂
      That’s great that your dog growing up was so helpful. They are amazing animals, aren’t they?
      Sasha helps me with my PTSD (I haven’t really written about it yet), and has been naturally helping me by licking to disrupt episodes, and she’s woken me up from nightmares a few times. I’m hoping that training her more, and adding in some more things to help me (like blocking, helping find exits, etc.) then that could help me a lot.

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      1. Helping find exits is something dogs can really enjoy doing. My guide dog was good at that. Hope it all works out with the training. If you’re working on it together, it will give you a special bond too, although it sounds as though you’re developing that already!


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