The Three Day Quotation Challenge: Day One

This is a fun blogging “challenge” where you share three favourite or meaningful quotations.

I was nominated by Michelle of Jumbledbrain.com. She is a wonderful writer and advocate for survivors of traumatic brain injury. Her articles are always full of interesting and informative things. So, thank you,  Michelle, for thinking of me.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Post a quotation for three consecutive days (1 each day)
  • Share why it appeals to you
  • Nominate 3 different bloggers each day
Crowd protesting in background. Words- Awareness is good. Action is better. Zac Hanson 

Zac Hanson (yes, of Hanson.. I love them, as many of you know! They rock.) said this quotation in a video I watched of Hanson many years ago. It stuck me as being so incredibly true, so I stuck it on my Facebook favourite quotations section.

It’s pretty easy to understand. And it’s pretty easy to understand why I’d like it. With chronic illness, and with any issues that I care about, it’s one thing to be aware of them, or to promote awareness. It’s quite another to act on them.

And action is excellent.

I’m a rule breaker, and am not going to nominate anyone specific to do this challenge, but if you want to do it… Go for it! 😊



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