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Easter and Healing

It’s Easter, the time of year where Christians celebrate Jesus dying on the cross and then, and here is the most important part, showing victory over death and sin by raising up from death from three days later.

My faith tells me that Jesus, because of his love for us, made the choice to die and take on the world’s sins on that cross.

Image Description: Cross with sunset in background. Easter and Healing.

My faith tells me that he has the power to heals us, not only spiritually, but physically too.

There are several stories of Jesus healing people in the Bible, such as the blind man in John 9.

So, the question becomes, why then why am I still sick and in pain?

And the answer?

I don’t know.

And that’s okay.

It’s okay that I haven’t had a grand act of healing. It’s alright that prayers haven’t cured me.

I accept that God does not heal everyone.

In fact, Paul himself talked about some sort of pain or illness that he had, which God chose not to take away. He called it his thorn in his flesh.

The idea that God must heal, or fix, all disabilities is nice when it involves pain or debilitating illness, but many disabled people also love their disabilities. The hashtag, #ilovemydisability proves that.

Not all disabilities need to be cured, and while I would love to feel better, I accept that mine are incurable.

The thing is, regardless of whether or not my chronic diseases get healed or not, what happened at Easter did allow for spiritual healing.

And that is beautiful.

Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28


4 thoughts on “Easter and Healing

  1. Beautiful Erin. I so agree you. While healing would be welcome, God can also provide us with amazing strength to deal with our health. He can provide us with peace & acceptance in the midst of our pain. That to me is His hand of healing.
    Happy Easter my beautiful friend

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  2. “Please heal me and God said ‘no’ your soul is healthy and you do not need this body forever.” [paraphrasing] We just have human bodies that make mistakes and sometimes, we get sick. God didn’t make us sick, our bodies messed up… I like your post, Erin.~Kim

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