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An Update- 03/18

Its been a while since I’ve done an update, so here I go!

Gastro Consultant

At the start of the month, I saw a new gastroenterologist. This was a more specialised clinic, headed by a doctor who knows a lot about motility disorders.

The doctor thinks that my dysmotility is also affecting my bowels as well, and wants to try a new medication on me to see if that will help. They are trialing me on it for two months, and then following up.

Breast Consultant

I have had some breast pain due to side effects from one of my medications. My decided it was best to send me to one the the full service breast clinics that the NHS has (you can see a consultant, get any relevant scans, and further treatments).

The consultant examined me, and told me that she thinks the medication caused a hormonal imbalance, and that I might also have some chest wall pain.

She proposed that I try taking evening primrose oil, and follow up in a few months.

Pain Consultant

I met a new pain consultant too. It was a very quick appointment, as he basically just asked me if I wanted my old doctor to do another injection. I said yes, and now am just waiting for the date.

The Little Mermaid Strikes Again

When I was in university, I lost the ability to speak after a bad throat infection. It caused my throat to swell, and my vocal cords froze. For about three months, I couldn’t speak, and I had to go to voice therapy to eventually regain the ability to talk again.

Now, for the past year, my throat has been mildly sore. Enough that I’ve mentioned it to a couple doctors, but not enough that has warranted any tests or anything.

I recently had a virus, and when I developed a severe sore throat afterwards, I thought I had picked up a throat infection. I saw my GP, and he said it didn’t actually look infected.

He theorised that if it was infected, it was further down, but he was more concerned that my constant regurgitation and vomiting has damaged my throat.

He gave me antibiotics, just in case it was actually infected, and he changed my medication around a bit to see if that might help. I also got some pain relief.

Unfortunately, I’m almost done my antibiotics, and am no better. I have practically no voice, and my throat is very painful. Since I’m not sick otherwise, and it’s been a while since I’ve been over the virus, it looks like my GP’s theory might be right.

I was very much hoping that that antibiotics did the trick, as an infection is an easier problem to solve, especially when I cannot just stop vomiting due to my gastroparesis.

Hopefully, this will not become a long term issue. Right now, I’m trying to rest my voice, and will be following up with the GP.

That’s it for now, I believe. As you know, things with my health are ever changing and moving. It would be lovely for things to be calm and quiet, but then, I suppose, my updates would be rather boring!


4 thoughts on “An Update- 03/18

  1. Well, I wish your updates were boring and you would tell us how easy your life is 😒. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that at least of your problems can be solved in the near future.


  2. Thinking of you as always Erin. I really hope some of the follow-up appointments are productive for you. I’m also only too aware that often there are no easy answers & quick solutions & sadly no solutions at all. I’m praying that is not the case for you. Lots of love xx 💞💞

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