Art: The River Lea in Autumn

I have once again picked up some paintbrushes and made some art!

This painting is a bit different, as I decided to paint a landscape.

I used to walk the River Lea that goes through my town all the time, before I started having mobility issues and my fatigue prevented me from walking too far.

The river is lovely, and after a few minutes of walking, you are outside of town and you hit the countryside. Even whilst you are in town, parts of the river are lined with trees, which makes for a very picturesque stroll.

Lea River Pic
The River Lea- this picture was my inspiration for my painting

I took the above picture in October 2015. It is one of my favourite pictures of the river near me, and decided that I would use it as a basis for my painting.

I figured that since I can no longer walk along the river, I’d bring the river to me through creative means!

My painting is oil on canvas, in an abstract style, and because I love texture… there is lots of it!

The River Lea in Autumn

4 thoughts on “Art: The River Lea in Autumn

  1. This is pretty, and I love the thick texture the oil provides to give the painting a sense of shape. Looks like a very serene place to go for a walk & enjoy the changing colours of autumn and winter 🙂


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