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Happy New Year: Reflecting Back on 2017

It’s a new year, and so I, as many people do, am reflecting on the past year.

2017 was a very mixed year for me.


I spent most of the year with debilitating migraines that limited my mobility. That meant that I spent many days in bed, and have had to use a walker to get around.

This Autumn, I saw another neurologist that helped me sort out me my meds. This has helped reduce my migraines a lot, which has been wonderful! Because of this, my balance is also better, and I can get around more without my walker.

I still, however, need my walker outside. This is because one major problem I’ve had this year is fatigue. Even with my rollator, I can only walk a little bit before I’m far too tired. My fatigue has been tested, and they’ve found that I have a few nutritional deficiencies. This might be partly due to my medication, and also because I’m malnourished.

My gastroparesis has continued to be bad, and this year, I’ve unfortunately become less tolerant to more foods. I was booked to get a botox injection in the summer, however it was cancelled due to my local trust denying funding. I’m waiting to hear if I can get funding to get treatment elsewhere, and am booked for more tests.

My chronic pain had gotten worse over the years, and this year I was able to get two cervical steroid epidurals to help. It did reduce my pain, and let me lower my medication a bit as well. I still have daily pain, however the nerve pain in my arm isn’t quite as severe as it was. My neck pain is the same though, unfortunately.

I have also developed a few types of tendonitis in my bad arm. Because it’s weak, and I have been using the walker, it happened. I have been doing physio, and that has helped to a certain degree.

So, this has been a hard year in many ways, health wise, however there have been some positive changes this year.

Personal Life

There have been a few exciting things that happened in 2017.

I am very proud that I started this blog. I’ve enjoyed sharing my writing, and my stories with the world. It’s been fantastic connecting to my readers, and getting to know you all. 😊

My writing has also taken off, and I’ve been given a chance to do some freelance writing as well. I’ve always loved writing, so I’m very excited about these opportunities.

Several months ago, I joined a Facebook group for people with chronic health issues, and their carers, called Medical Musings with Friends, and soon became a moderator. I’ve loved getting to know my fellow admin team, and the people in the group. I truly care for everyone in the forum, and I’ve enjoyed engaging with them, as well as helping to run the group’s Twitter account.

I’ve also kept busy doing a bit of art, which you can see on past posts, and baking up a storm when I have the energy for it (my husband is very glad to gobble up the fruits of my labour! 😂).

My husband and I were given a car this summer, which has been great. It’s been very helpful in getting me to appointments, but also in days out, and cheeky trips away.

We also enjoyed a great trip to Canada to see my family (including my newest baby niece), just after my 30th birthday.

Overall, this year has felt very full. I’ve had to deal with a lot of health issues, and make some big decisions. For all the heartache, there has been hope and positivity.

I have many hopes for 2018. I won’t list them all here, but I do hope and wish that you, dear reader, have an excellent year. ♥️


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year: Reflecting Back on 2017

  1. What strength it has taken to get through 2017. Now onto the New Year! It won’t come without medical hardship but it will come with your knowledge of the things you have learned therefore my hope is that you will feel the power of your knowledge and it will bring peace and clarity as you continue to fight a good fight! You got this! ~Kim

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  2. Congratulations on your many personal accomplishments! So happy to have you as a member of the Medical Musings moderator team, you do such a great job and I’m glad I joined the community! Sending good thoughts for a better health year in 2018!

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