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Med Organisers and Apps: How I Keep My Meds Straight

Upon arriving home from our trip from Canada, I realised that I forgot my medication organiser on the bed in my parents’ house.

This was devastating. I rely on my organiser to keep me, well… organised.


Every week, I put most of my meds, except my nausea ones (which aren’t pills/capsules and therefore wouldn’t fit in the organiser), into it. This has several purposes :

1. I go through my medication each week, and know how much I have. I will know several days ahead of time if I need to order a repeat prescription if I’m low on anything.

2. During the week, I don’t need to think about taking my meds, I can just look at my organiser and take them from the appropriate box.

3. If I’m ever unsure if I took my meds of not, I can check my organiser.

When you take several prescriptions, and have brain fog, a medication organiser can be very helpful.

Another tool I use is a medicine reminder app on my mobile phone. I personally use the Medisafe app for Android, although there are several others in the app marketplace.

You tell it what medication you take, including any supplements, as well as the prescribed dose, times you take it, etc. You can customise the ring tone it uses to as a reminder, and it will go off when you need to take your meds (and keep going off until you deal with it). If you need to put off taking your medication for some reason, there are options to snooze your reminder too. I like the fact that you can shake your phone to tell it you took your meds too.

The app is free, and comes with a lot of good features. There are videos with information about each of your medications to help inform you about side effects, and options like medication refill reminders. There is a paid version that opens up extra features such as optional ring tones, however I’ve found the app works extremely well with the free version.

By using the med reminder app, and the organiser, I can keep my meds straight, and avoid missing doses. I did quickly buy a new organiser when I realised that mine was missing.

If you take medication, I highly recommend that you try a medicine organiser, and a reminder app. They help me out, and I’m sure they will help you too!

*All opinions expressed are my own. I was not compensated by, nor am I affiliated with, Medisafe.*


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