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A Trip Home to Canada

Hi all! I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to write in the last few weeks. In October, my husband and I went on a trip to Canada to visit my family and friends. Upon returning, I was hit with extreme fatigue, migraine, and a virus. I’m working through a stomach flare now too, but I managed to get my meds from the GP, so hopefully it will settle down.

Our trip to Canada was wonderful. I loved seeing my family and friends. It was especially fun to meet my newest niece. 😍

Despite the good times, it was a difficult trip. I dealt with a couple migraine flares, and a constant migraine the entire time we were there.

That meant we had to adjust some plans, and when I went to church (where the music was loud), I had to use earplugs to block the noise.

On our trip, my parents and us, went up to Ottawa for a few days. Being in the car for several hours the first day was very tough. I felt extra sick, my head hurt worse, and my fatigue ramped up.

I did, however, have a (new to me) wheelchair to use that my Mom got me. It was helpful, as my balance and fatigue were bad, so I couldn’t walk far, even with my walker. My husband wheeled me around a couple museums, and around the market.

Me in my wheelchair with the Giant Pumpkin at Byward Market in Ottawa 

The trip back to my hometown was horrendous. It was long, and we took a couple detours- one to see my Grandma. Unfortunately, the extra stuff that we’ve been doing, and time in the car meant that everything flared up. Pain, head, stomach, etc. I felt so much relief to know that we had arrived home.

Because of how awful the trip home was, I had to cancel my plans the next day. Luckily, I was able to reschedule for later the next week.

During my trip, I continued to try and stick to my regular schedule as much as possible. By laying down in the afternoons, sticking to my diet, etc., I managed to keep myself afloat enough to make it home alive!

There were some funny moments too. At my parents’ house there are three showers. An ensuite shower in my parents’ room, a shower/tub on the main floor in the bath bathroom, and a shower (with a seat in it) in the basement.

I realised that I couldn’t use the ensuite because it doesn’t have a seat, or the tub because I couldn’t get in and out of it, with the way it and the bathroom is set up (other tubs are possible). The basement shower would be perfect, but I’d have to get down the stairs.

Now, at home, in the UK, I manage stairs, but it’s a straight staircase, and I have a walker at the top and bottom. The stairs at my parents’ house have a landing partway down, and I only had one walker with me.

This meant my husband had to help me get downstairs. And oh boy… This turned out to be quite the feat!

I had to sit on a chair at the top of the stairs whilst he took my walker down. Then, he put a chair on the landing. I got down the few steps, sat on the chair, turned around, went down the rest of the stairs, and then got to the bathroom.

Now, my walker didn’t quite fit into the bathroom! 😂 So, I had to sit on another chair, so my husband wrestled it into the bathroom, before helping me get into it too.

After all of that, I had to shower, and then do it all in reverse. I certainly earned a nap after all of that!

I won’t lie… Due to everything being so hard, I definitely was not showering every day. But, that’s what dry shampoo is for. 😊

Overall, it was a good trip, despite the struggles. It is always worth it to spend time with family and friends.



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