30 Years Old!

TW: Difficult pregnancy and birth

Today is my 30th birthday!


Some people love birthdays, and some people hate them. For the most part, I’m the former.

You see, every year that I reach another birthday, I’m amazed that I’ve lived, and survived, for another year.

Before I was born, my parents were told that I wouldn’t survive the pregnancy. There was no treatment for the condition back then, and so my Mom has weekly ultrasounds to monitor things until the pregnancy ended naturally. One day, the ultrasound showed that the condition has reversed. There was no medical explanation, so my parents called it a little miracle.

Then, (Canadian) Thanksgiving weekend 1987 came along. My Mom went into labour, and went to the hospital. She soon started hemorrhaging, and it was then that she found out that she was placenta previa and should never have gone into labour at all.

It was a while before a doctor was available to treat my Mom, at which point, an emergency C-section was done. My Dad wasn’t allowed in, and was basically told that they would do their best for my Mom, and that hopefully I’d make it too.

I was born and my Mom was ok, after some transfusions and treatment. It was a pretty traumatic pregnancy and birth, and I’m grateful that she went through that for me.

After all that, you can see that it is amazing that I have a birthday at all!

My health throughout my life has also so tenuous, that it has made me feel thankful I’ve survived. I won’t go into all my aches, pains, and ills here (that’s what the rest of my blog is for!) but going through everything has made me realise that life is precious. It’s so easy to take things for granted. I’ve lost a lot of things, but I’ve gained a lot as well, and I suppose my being born on Thanksgiving had an effect on me in that I feel as if I have lots to be grateful for.

It can be so easy to be negative about life, especially when living with chronic conditions, however I trust that God put me on this earth for a reason. I choose to be try to be positive, and to enjoy my life as it is, because there is plenty for me to be happy about. I may be ill and have pain issues, but I have travelled and lived in another country. I’ve met amazing friends, and been to some cool places. I have obtained three degrees, and was able to gain valuable teaching experience. I also met, and married a man who constantly blows me away with how loving, supportive, and wonderful he is. I think I can safely say that I have been very blessed.

So, today I’m celebrating 30 years alive! Three decades of surviving and thriving. πŸ˜€


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