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A New Neurologist


This week I saw a new neurologist. I have been waiting to see a neurologist for many months, after my last appointment went so poorly.

I had been referred to the specialist centre at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, because I was a “complicated” patient.

The neurologist was nice. I had over-prepared by typing up a full page of notes, as well as my list of diagnoses and meds. I wanted to be sure that this doctor had a clear understanding of what was going on, my history, and symptoms.

I have had severe, complex migraines for over a year now. I get tingly lips and legs, then my right leg goes numb, and I lose the ability to speak properly. My balance goes and I can’t walk. Then, my left side of my head hurts a lot! I end up in bed for a couple of days, although my head will continue to hurt (just on a more functional level) for several more days.

After going over my history, the consultant did a series of neurological tests.

She confirmed that I’m having the migraines and that I am on the right medication now, but that she would consider me to be at the low end of the dosing scale. She said I should slowly go up until I’m at double the dose I’m at now.

She also mentioned that there are some supplements that can help. She explained that there isn’t strong clinical evidence for them, as it’s hard to get good research done for supplements, however there is enough that she feels confident in recommending them.

We discussed the fact that my diet is also very poor, due to my gastroparesis, so that any supplements would probably be helpful anyways.

She suggested that I start taking magnesium and riboflavin (B2). When I looked online to buy some, I found it interesting that some of the reviews for both said that the reviewers had a reduction in their migraines! That made me feel very positive about my consultant’s advice.

So, I left with a plan, and I’m hopeful that it will help break the cycle of chronic migraines that I’m currently in. Any reduction will be very welcome!


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