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A Suffolk Holiday

This past week, my husband and I went on a little trip away together to Suffolk.

We have wanted to go away for a while now and finally we booked something. After much looking (see Accessibility Aggravation ), we found a cute cottage/bungalow that was built onto someone’s farm in rural Suffolk, about 25 minutes from the coast.

We left Wednesday morning, with a car full of clothes, my shower stool, food, and other

Driving to Suffolk!

stuff necessary for a few days away. It was a beautiful drive.

Eventually, we landed in Orford, where we discovered that the public loos were not accessible, nor was the rest of the town (😒). We did drive around though and saw the castle and the quay (pictured below)… Both of which I enjoyed looking at.

Afterwards, we drove a while to Tesco and then to our accommodation.

Me outside of our Airbnb

The cottage was fantastic. It was much bigger than our little flat, especially the kitchen!

The kitchen! I think the table is bigger than our actual kitchen.

It was all one level and I appreciated that I could easily get even my rollator walker around it. The bathroom had a bathtub, but what impressed me a lot was the fact that there were two stability bars on the wall in the tub. I use a shower stool, but it was nice to have those bars to hang onto for extra safety.

Otherwise, it was quiet and peaceful there. The owner had placed a lot of special touches in the place, such as fresh farm eggs and bread, books to read, and binoculars to watch the birds outside. It was a lovely place.

The view from the kitchen

We had a lazy morning the next day, but eventually we made our way to the coast. The weather had unexpectedly cleared up and was sunny and bright. I was able to get partway down the boardwalk, but was not able to go down all the way. So I stopped, found a place to sit and my husband and down to the beach. When he came back, he got me a cup of tea and he sat and had lunch. We ended up sitting there in the sun for quite a while as it was just lovely with the sun and the sound of the waves crashing.

We didn’t do much else that day as it was late afternoon by the time we got back to our little cottage and I needed to lie down.

That night, as my husband was making dinner, we had an unexpected guest! The

The cutest, boldest dog ever.

owner’s dog, whom we met earlier that day because he was whining at our door (we then let him in for a pet), popped up at the kitchen door! He clearly wanted some dinner, but because we didn’t know if it was okay to share food with him, we had to ignore his cute face.

The next day was our last day there, so we got up and packed our stuff. After saying goodbye to the owner of the property, we headed off on the country roads towards Bury St Edmunds.

I had driven through there once before and thought it was pretty, so we thought it’d be nice to go through the town on our way home.

It didn’t disappoint… It is a gorgeous town with an interesting blend of architecture.

The rest of our trip was mainly country roads as we agreed that they are better than the motorways.

It was lovely to get out of the flat for a few days away. Even though I didn’t do much physically, and we planned our trip carefully so that I could get my naps in, I still ended up being extremely exhausted from it. I also had a major migraine flare up Friday night, so I didn’t leave my bed all weekend. Whether or not that was triggered by going away or not, who knows!

If anyone wants to travel to Suffolk and is looking for a quiet, country retreat, I would certainly recommend the place we stayed, especially if you have mobility issues. We had a lovely time. 😊


5 thoughts on “A Suffolk Holiday

  1. Looks like a lovely place, not too far from me either. I’m in Norfolk! I love visiting Bury St Edmonds, they also have a lovely and enormous Christmas Fayre, although it does get rather busy!


  2. Looks like a lovely place, not too far from me either. I’m in Norfolk! I love visiting Bury St Edmonds, they also have a lovely and enormous Christmas Fayre, although it does get rather busy!

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      1. I’d highly recommend it. It’s usually on for 3 days, so you could hotel overnight and to a bit each day, as it is quite spread out, and there’s lots to see. I’ve been the past 2 years and will probably return this year.


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