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A Weekly Update- 17-23/09/17

This has been quite a busy week for me!

I woke up Sunday night with a big migraine, so that meant I was out of commission on Monday.

On Tuesday, I still felt miserable, but I had to somehow drag myself out of bed to shower so that I could attend my endocrinologist appointment.

The appointment was at a hospital that I had never been to before, however my husband took a half day off work to take me and we got there ok.

The doctor was a lovely lady. She was happy to listen and seemed to be knowledgeable. I appreciated her approach and the appointment was productive. That was a huge relief as I am always nervous about new doctors.

She decided that we need to retest my thyroid as well as run a few other tests, to be thorough.

Then, she said something that shocked me. She said she might call me with test results, or just to check in! I’ve never had a consultant offer to contact me outside of a scheduled appointment ever.

I was pleasantly surprised.

I left my appointment, had a blood test, then went home to collapse in bed.

The next day, Wednesday, I had a physiotherapy appointment. My migraine was still at a high level, and I was incredibly fatigued, however I had been waiting months for this appointment. My GP had referred me in June, so I wasn’t willing to reschedule after waiting so long.

The physiotherapist was great. It took quite a while to go over my health history, and explain why and how I use my walkers, but eventually we got there! She diagnosed me with three issues (because I’m never straight forward… 😕): tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, and inflammation in my bicep.

Basically, because my left arm has nerve damage from my neck issues, it is weak. That has allowed it to become susceptible to tendonitis, especially with using the walker.

I have a few exercises to work on and then I’ll go for a check up in just over 6 weeks.

Because I wasn’t able to properly rest when my migraine was at its worst, it was been quite bad this week. Everything has also caused my neck pain to flare as well.

Despite all that, I did do a bit of baking on Friday and made some brownie cookies. My in laws are coming over this weekend, and so I thought I’d try a new recipe out on them! Hopefully they pass the taste test. 😊

Brownie Cookies!

2 thoughts on “A Weekly Update- 17-23/09/17

    1. Thanks 😊 I definitely have made some time for myself the last couple of days and have gotten my naps in (so important!). The next month is very busy and I know it will be hard on me, but I’ll take your advice and be sure to take breaks for myself. 💗

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