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Art: Indoor Walker

The last couple of weeks have been busy, however I have completed a new painting!

I decided that since the acrylic paint went on so smooth, I thought that it might make a good paint for a background colour.

So, I went ahead and painted a black acrylic base coat. I chose black because I thought it would provide a striking contrast between it and the focus of the painting.

The painting’s focus is of my indoor walker. I use it because my migraines cause me to


lose my balance. It helps me get around my flat safely, and I’ve had some fun decorating it so it doesn’t look as boring. I think it’s important to have a bit of fun with these things. I also added a basket to it so I can carry things around.

So, I decided to paint my walker. It is messy, as I don’t have great fine motor skills, but I never try to paint realistically, so I’m not bothered!

I used oil paint to paint my walker, and found that it had a darkening effect on the acrylic paint around it. I’m sure a more experienced artist would know better, however I’m learning so that’s ok.

I think it’s important to raise awareness about mobility aids, and I’m glad to represent one of mine in a piece of my art!



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