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Tips and Tricks for Coping with Gastroparesis

My last post talked about ways that I cope with chronic migraines so this week, I thought I’d talk about some ways that I cope with my gastroparesis, in honour of Gastroparesis Awareness Month .

My gastroparesis makes me constantly nauseated and I vomit and regurgitate a lot. I also get stomach pain and severe bloating.

For my nausea, I take my nausea medication, but I also rely on gingerale and tea, as well as peppermint tea. Ginger tablets can also be helpful, although they are best if crushed up first as tablets usually take too long and don’t process very well in my stomach.

Something I’ve found really helpful for my vomiting sessions, is my shower stool. I use a shower stool because my balance doesn’t make it safe to stand up in the shower. I also get dizzy when I stand up too long sometimes, and get fatigued easily, especially in the heat. So, I invested in a seat to ensure that I can shower safely.

As the bathtub is right next to the toilet, I can move it out and sit on it whilst I’m being ill. This helps a lot as sometimes I can sit and be sick for half an hour or more. With my balance, it’s difficult to sit on the edge of the tub, and getting up and down from the floor is hard as well. My shower stool has become a great all round bathroom seat!

Another helpful tool is my phone or tablet. Sitting and being sick for that long can be draining and hard, not just physically, but mentally. So I’ve learned that putting on a podcast, or even a video on YouTube, and just having your phone/tablet on the floor to watch, can help pass the time. It provides a distraction and gives you a bit of entertainment.

My stomach also causes me quite a lot of pain sometimes. Because painkillers can cause motility to slow down even more, I don’t tend to take them unless I’m in extreme pain. This is where Pingu comes in!

Pingu! My beloved hot water bottle.

Pingu was given to me by my husband as an Easter gift. He’s a hot water bottle and has gotten me through many hard days and nights. Heat seems to help with the pain and so I not only have Pingu, but I’ve acquired another hot water bottle too. This helps during the times when I need heat on more than one spot.

Pingu is my favourite though.

Eating and drinking can also cause me to have terrible problems with bloating. To the point that, if you didn’t know, you’d probably assume that I was going to give birth in a few months!

This makes wearing normal bottoms, like jeans, very painful and uncomfortable, and tricky as my size changes so much. I’ve found that wearing leggings that stretch and loose dresses works. Recently, I’ve also bought some maternity bottoms. One particular pair of underbump trousers that I have are very comfortable and I can wear no matter how bloated and uncomfortable I am.

Maternity wear might seem odd to wear when you aren’t pregnant, but if your stomach swells up like mine, it becomes a great option!

These are just a few of the ways that I deal with my gastroparesis symptoms. If you have any clever ways of managing your gastroparesis, let me know! 😊


4 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Coping with Gastroparesis

  1. I find this post extremely helpful! I haven’t been diagnosed with gastro, but I have IBS along with my EDS and frequent tummy troubles, and abdominal migraines. I get lots of stomach pains and frequent episodes of vomiting. So a lot of these tips and tricks will likely really help me! I, like you, tens to find myself in the bathroom a lot :p And take frequent comforting baths. Leggings and dresses are my go to for clothing. I love yoga waistband style leggings. I rarely wear jeans. I hate regular waistbands. I still wear some maternity clothes too!! Even though my kid is 3.5 :p

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