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Living with Chronic Migraine: Tips and Tricks

My migraines follow a fairly predictable pattern.

I get an episode where I have tingly lips and legs, and then, sometimes my one leg will go numb. I will lose the ability to speak, and my balance will completely go, so between that and my numb leg, I cannot walk.

Then, my headache will hit.

After an hour or so, my speech will return and the numbness will get better, although I’ll have an intense headache on my left side of my head for 1-2 days.


This is followed by extreme fatigue and a mild to moderate migraine that will persist for several more days, with my balance still being affected.

I usually only get a few days migraine free before the next one hits me, so I’m getting used to managing life with one, and I’ve found a few little tricks that have been really helpful to me.

Now, during my migraines I’m very sensitive to sound. A loud noise can feel like someone is literally stabbing me in the head.

This has presented some challenges as we live on a busy road, with lots of town noise around us (including concerts on a few occasions! 😕). Solution: put my headphones in! My headphones are actually pretty good at blocking out noise, and with them in, and the fan on in the bedroom, I can manage to keep things pretty quiet.

Something that I, and I’m sure many others, find annoying, is when TV shows and movies change volume dramatically from quiet to loud. This sort of thing makes it really hard for me to watch shows or films as the volume increases are very painful. Solution: subtitles and a mute button. We put on the subtitles as much as possible so that we can mute any loud scenes and not miss anything. We also often mute adverts as they tend to be louder than the show, and they are just extra noise that I don’t need.

I’m a bit sensitive to light when I have my milder migraines, but I’m much more sensitive to light when my migraines are at their worse.

Outside of staying in a dark room, being sensitive to light can make it hard to look at my phone or tablet to read anything. Solution: some apps like Twitter and Reddit have “Night Mode” that turn off the white background and switch it to a black one. This makes it much easier on your eyes and doesn’t hurt so much. That means that if I’m up for a bit, I can do a bit of reading, or check my Twitter, without dealing with a lot of extra pain.

These are just some of they ways I manage my migraines… If you have migraines and have tricks you use to manage them, let me know! 😀


3 thoughts on “Living with Chronic Migraine: Tips and Tricks

  1. I am so sorry you suffer from this terrible condition. I get a number of different types of headaches likely a stemming from a brain conditjon, migraines included, and I know how awful and life altering they are 😦

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