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New Diagnosis: A Frustration and Relief

Several months ago, I had a blood test that came back with a low TSH, indicating I had a thyroid problem.

Since my gastroenterologist did the test, she asked my GP to follow up. My GP did and a second test had everything in normal boundaries. But, to make sure things were actually ok, she ordered a third test to be done after a period of time.

Last week, I got my blood work done and two days later my GP surgery contacted me to say the GP needed to talk to me.

Oh no. That means bad news…

So, Tuesday I spoke to a doctor on the phone and she informed me that whilst my thyroid markers are in range, my antibodies are too high.

She explained that meant I had an autoimmune condition and that it was only a matter of time before my thyroid went properly out of whack, and therefore I’d need to be regularly tested. She went on to list a bunch of symptoms to watch out for… many that I already have.

Which means that I probably need to have further tests and speak to the doctor face to face.

Getting a new diagnosis is both a frustration and a relief.

It’s a frustration because it means more tests, doctors, drugs, treatments, appointments, and something else to tell people is wrong with you.

It’s another way in which your body is failing you. Another thing to monitor and something else you have to fight.

It’s a relief because it’s an answer to the question of why. Why am I so fatigued? Why might I have a constant sore throat? Why might I feel this way?

It’s a relief because it validates that something real is going on.

So, a new diagnosis means both frustration and relief.


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