Happy Canada Day!

As many of you know, I might live in Britain, but I am not British!

I moved to England just over 6.5 years ago from Canada, where I grew up in southern Ontario.

Every July 1st, I get very excited though because it is Canada Day! It is the day where Canada celebrates the original colonies of Canada signing the British North American Act (BNAA), and becoming one single Dominion. It’s generally recognised as the day Canada became its own nation, which means a cause for a party each year!

It’s important to note that Canada’s history goes back a long time. It didn’t start with the arrival of any European colonisers, but since Confederation (the signing of the BNAA), was on July 1, 1867, that means that Canada, as a modern nation, is 150 years old this year.

So, the usual celebrations of food, music, festivals, and fireworks have been ramped up this year.

London is having a big party and for months I’ve heard a lot about the plans, how much Tim Horton’s there will be, etc. I eagerly have been keeping on top of the announcements, in case I was able to go.

Alas, in the past few weeks, my husband and I discussed it and realised that I simply am not well enough to go. Even if I rented a wheelchair so that I didn’t have to worry about walking (because my balance and fatigue make walking more than very short distances impossible), I’d still have to deal with the noise (which sets off migraines), people, nausea, etc.

If I managed to handle all of that, then there is the very real chance that I’d end up in bed for the next week.

For this event, the cons and risks outweighed any pros. Unfortunately, as I would have loved to party it up with my fellow Canucks.

Instead, however, my wonderful husband suggested we have our own Canada Day celebrations here in our flat.

My Canadian flag hanging up over our fireplace (aka our shoe storage). Ignore the Christmas tree… It’s a permanent fixture in our flat.

Our flag is up and we plan on watching some good, good Canadian content today (I’m making an exception for the Doctor Who finale at night… But really… You can’t blame me for that! It’s the Doctor!).

I’m proud to be Canadian. I’ll try to refrain from bragging too much, but Canadians have contributed a lot of neat stuff to this world (although I’m still personally dubious about #49).

So cheers to my home and native land!


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