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Art: A Pain in the Arm

This week I completed my most recent painting.

I decided to continue my theme of painting my interpretation of my symptoms. I started off my artistic career by trying to represent how my migraine pain feels, and found that it was fun and therapeutic to do.

So, I figured I would keep on trying to represent how I felt and put it onto canvas!

My project this week was the pain that I get in my arm from my neck.

A Pain in the Arm

The big red stripe that runs all the way down my arm and then splits off to my thumb and two other fingers, represents the big nerve pain that I have. I always said that I could draw on my arm where it hurts!

The little, darker flecks are the random sparks of pain that I have, and the yellow bits are to show where my arm and hand sometimes feels a bit numb, or weird.

The red-orange part on my elbow is painted a bit differently to show that it is an aching pain, instead of a nerve pain. This is where I have tendonitis, so it aches and radiates out, which is why the red goes past the elbow.

And this is how my left arm feels… come to life!


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