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A Weekly Update- 04-10/06/17

As I had a couple of doctor appointments this week, I thought I’d simply write an update to catch you all up!

On Monday, I saw my GP. One of the things we discussed was my referral to see a neurologist. After my last neurologist appointment, it was agreed that I should be referred to another neurologist. The first one I saw had written to his colleague to ask them to see me. My GP informed me that the second neurologist had decided that I was probably too complicated of a patient for them and that I should be sent to a big, specialist centre instead.

My GP explained that the big neurological centres have a variety of neurologists with many specialities, more resources, etc. So she is arranging for me to go to the one in Cambridge.

She also had a look at my elbow. My left arm is weaker as it’s the one that is affected by my neck. Using my walker has helped it form tendonitis, so she thinks I might benefit from physio.

We talked about a few other things and I found out that she is retiring soon.

The next day was my gastroenterologist appointment. David drove me there in the car, which was really helpful! He was great during my appointment as well, especially when my brain fog kicked in and my mind blanked.

I’ve been struggling a lot, and becoming increasingly fatigued because of being constantly ill. My consultant decided that the best thing to try at this stage is a botox injection in my stomach.

It’s done by endoscopy and the botox is meant to relax the muscles around the stomach’s exit so that food can pass through it easier.

She usually does it at another hospital in London, however she said that she would apply for permission to do it for me at the hospital that she sees me at. This would be much better as then I wouldn’t have to deal with taking the tube/train after sedation, especially if I have a bad balance day.

In the meantime, we are playing around with my meds a bit.

I am hopeful that the botox injection will help as well as the physio, and that the new neurologists will have some answers.

So now I sit and wait for the letters to come in for everything and keep my fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “A Weekly Update- 04-10/06/17

  1. I’d not come across botox in the stomach before, I wonder whether that will help as I can see how it could be helpful in theory. Will keep my fingers crossed for you! It also sounds positive that you’ll be referred to a bigger specialist centre in Cambridge. As for being unwell and fatigued, please do look after yourself and try to take things as easy as you can. ā™„


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