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A New Car Equals New Freedom!

Several months ago, my husband decided to put his provisional license to use (the one he’d had since he was a teenager) and start driving lessons.

He grew up on the outer edge of London, and didn’t particularly need to drive to get around. When he started working, his job was easily accessible by train, and shortly after we wed, we moved about a 2 minute walk from his job, so there was never a huge reason for my husband to drive.

He decided now was the time though, and I agreed.

Part of the reason is me. This past year, with my health problems, I have found it increasingly harder to get out and about. I am often very fatigued and therefore cannot walk far. My balance issues mean I often use my walker and they make walking even more difficult.

That means I am not able to simply get down to the train station to go places, and we’ve had to pay for taxis to get to my medical appointments.

So I end up not going out much at all.

Then, a month or so ago, my dear husband passed his driving test and his parents offered us their old car. They were going to replace my mother-in-law’s car and very kindly offered us her car to drive.

So this past Sunday my in-laws came over and dropped off our new car!

Our new car and my chauffeur! 😉 (aka my hubby)

My husband is still getting used to driving it, but it is very exciting. I’ve never been fussed about having a car before, but with my new limited mobility, a car means so much.

We now have an easy way to get me to my appointments, and we can go away together for days out. That wasn’t possible before.

We went out for a cheeky drive on Monday night and it felt like glorious freedom! 🙂


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