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Update: Dental Work

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned I needed some dental work done. I completed the first part yesterday, a tooth extraction.

One of my molars broke a while ago. When I finally saw the dentist in May, she informed me that the tooth would need to be pulled. Because of the way it was broken, and the way my tooth was, there was no real chance of saving it, and I would also need to see an oral surgeon to get it done. This was because there was risk to my sinuses.

So, a couple weeks later, I found myself signing consent forms and meeting the oral surgeon.

The surgeon and his assistant were lovely. I was offered glucose tablets beforehand, as the assistant was concerned that I hadn’t had a proper meal that morning. I assured her that I didn’t eat because I had gastroparesis and didn’t want to risk being sick on them when they were in my mouth.

I was concerned that the local anaesthetic wouldn’t work well enough, as when I had two of my wisdom teeth out, the numbing didn’t work well. Until I was given several more rounds, I felt my dentist pulling teeth out! I was keen to avoid that again.

I told the surgeon and he made sure I was very numb before starting (which took a few rounds).

I’ll spare you the details of the actual removal, except the fact that it involved holding my head down (ouch! My poor neck!) and that they had a classical music radio station playing (to calm my nerves????).

I was quite numb until 7pm, so for around 7/8 hours, and have had bad pain in my face and neck since.

Despite taking my medication, I was up for a lot of the night because my face and my neck were both in a lot of pain. I suspect my neck will take several days to calm down after this.

Next week, I have to pop in to get a bit more work done. My teeth have been affected by vomiting so much, so unfortunately this is what needs to be done.

So it’s antibiotics and saltwater rinses for me for a few days!

And rest for my poor neck.

Update: Since posting this I have had to go back to the dentist twice. A couple days after my extraction, blood clots fell out and I developed dry socket. I also had an infection. After my antibiotics finished, my face started swelling up even worse than it had ever before. So after a second follow up trip to the dentist, I’m on stronger antibiotics and the swelling has finally gone down.

I was also told that the site looked “traumatic” and that it will take a very long time to heal. Fun! So long as the infection clears, I’m ok with waiting for the rest to heal.


2 thoughts on “Update: Dental Work

  1. Ouch! I had to have a cracked molar removed a few years back–and the roots extended into my sinus cavity. Like you I have a problem with numbing–they have to use nitrous first, or I never get numb. Then the tooth shattered at first go, so they had to dig out the pieces one by one. Same deal with classical music. They wanted to take the nitrous mask off, but I said “only if I start laughing like a hyena”. Hope your follow up appointments go smoothly.

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    1. That sounds painful Betsy!

      I think my roots must have been up in my sinuses too as they kept saying I needed the surgeon because of my sinuses. I just agreed to be honest, because I didn’t care who was doing it, so long as they know what they are doing!

      Thank you. Hopefully next week’s stuff will a bit easier. 🙂


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