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An Artistic Endeavour

For Easter, my mother-in-law gave me a bunch of craft and art stuff for Easter (in lieu of chocolate) and so I decided to paint some interpretive art based on my conditions.

I started first with a painting to represent some aspects of my migraines.

Now, many of you know that I get complex migraines that involve speech and balance disturbances.

Additionally, I have other symptoms, the head pain typically associated with migraines, and I often get minor migraine headaches in between the big attacks.

I decided to focus my painting on the headache and head symptoms of my migraines in my painting.

The left side of my head is where I get my pain. I feel pressure pushing on my head, so I represented this by the black and grey surrounding my head in the painting. I also get a sparking feeling, which is shown by the flecks of red/orange and yellow on the left side. The right side is in nice shades of blue, to show that things feel fine on that side.


My lips have dots on them to represent the pins and needles that I get, and my left eye has tears, not only because I’m in pain, but because it always waters when I have a migraine.

The background is plain to show that life is going on, despite everything.

This is my first time painting anything (aside from primary school!), but it has been an interesting journey trying to present my experience and interpret it to put it to canvas.

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea… but I have ideas for future paintings swirling about in this sparking brain of mine.


4 thoughts on “An Artistic Endeavour

  1. As someone who lives with chronic migraines, this painting reaches out to me. I think it is insanely beautiful on so many levels. I love the brush strokes and the texture and imagine it must be even more beautiful in person.
    Thank you for this.

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