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A Weekly Update- 01-07/05/17

This week, I thought I’d just drop in and do a little update on my week!

I had two appointments this week, my pain management one, and a dentist appointment.

I saw my pain doctor on Tuesday. I filled him in on how I’d been doing since my steroid epidural, and we decided that it made sense to do another one.

So, he will book me in for a second injection, and he is also recommending a muscle relaxant medication be prescribed, although my GP will have to do that (the hospital I see him at is simply a day clinic, and has no pharmacy. As hospital prescriptions have to be filled at hospital pharmacies, he cannot write me a prescription, so tells my GP what to prescribe instead).

The dentist appointment was on Friday and I went as a NHS patient. The NHS has a dental scheme that charges patients very low charges for services (unless you are on certain benefits, pregnant, or a new mother, etc.).

I was nervous about going as dentists always cause my pain to flare, and I also knew that I had a broken tooth, and suspected other issues. I throw up most days, and so whilst I try to do the right things for my dental health, there is only so much you can do!

It turns out my broken tooth will need to be removed. The dentist told me that it was a complicated case, and would require a specialist oral surgeon. I have a consultation with them in a couple of weeks. I also have several other teeth that need work, so will have the regular dentist do that at the end of the month.

This week, I’ve also been hit by the fatigue monster! Much of that is down to the fact that I’ve not been able to eat much at all for a couple weeks. Hopefully that will get better this coming week though.

In other fun news, my one elbow has developed new pain in the last few weeks, and I have a cut on my mouth that won’t heal. Further proof my body likes to rebel against me…

So whilst this all might seem a bit negative, I’m pleased that I’m getting my teeth dealt with, and that between my dental treatments and my spinal injection, I should have less pain overall!


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