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A few weeks ago, my husband and I came down with a virus.

It was the typical cough, runny nose type thing that makes anyone feel awful, even if you are perfectly healthy to begin with.

After several days, the hubby felt better because he is the healthy sort. I, of course, continued to cough. And cough. And cough.

Then, a couple weekends ago, it turned worse and my asthma kicked off. I saw the GP and she said it sounded as if things had turned into pneumonia. She gave me antibiotics, steroids, and PPIs (to protect my stomach).

I’m now on a second round of antibiotics because the first round didn’t work, but I’m finally feeling a bit of relief.

The thing is… Getting sick with pneumonia sucks no matter if you have a chronic illness or not, but having a chronic illness can complicate things a lot.

Because I’m not eating well due to my gastroparesis, and the fact that I have asthma, I probably not able to fight off infections as well. I also have a hard time keeping down my medication, and the steroids cause my stomach to flare. This means that I’m struggling to keep hydrated.

My GP seemed concerned that I may need to go into hospital, even if just to go to A&E for fluids. I hate that idea. Going to hospital with a chronic condition is the worst. The doctors don’t want you there, because, even if you are acutely ill, they don’t see A&E as the place for chronic patients.

I get it. We are complex. We have our own doctors and should be looked after in a non emergency setting. The problem becomes when we have acute issues. When I flare and need fluids, there is nowhere else for me to go.

I’m dehydrated a lot. I’m rarely at the emergency level, but when my GP pointed out how dehydrated I was, I felt like telling her that this was pretty much my normal. I mean… I throw up daily and I can’t drink too much, or too quickly. It’s something my gastroenterologist and I have talked about and hopefully some upcoming treatment might help.

Anyways, I have stuck it out and avoid the hospital. Instead I’ve stayed in bed almost exclusively for the past two weeks as I’ve just not had the energy to get up.

Other spoonies will know that energy can be in short supply at the best of times, so I suspect it might be a while before I’m up to doing much.

I will leave you with a (hopefully) funny story from this past week:

My husband and I were watching a show on his laptop, on the bed, when I had to be sick. I decided to try and get to the bathroom. Partway there, I threw up a bit in my mouth, then coughed. I ended up throwing up in my walker’s basket! Luckily, I only got a bit on the floor. I like to think the hubby was proud that I managed to avoid a bigger mess!

Next time, I think I might just stick with a sick bag next to the bed though…


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